The Easy Archiving Solution for Email Compliance.

Email is the lifeblood of your business, but it’s also a significant source of risk. Intellectual property loss, compliance violations, audits and lawsuits are facts of life, but they don’t have to cost you dearly. Armour Cloud’s Email Archiving delivers peace of mind, significantly reduces costs, and minimizes risk.


Our Archiving feature helps you comply with FINRA, HIPAA or other industry regulations by keeping your business in line with common email retention standards.

Respond Rapidly, Reduce Costs

Find critical information that employees – past or present – have sent or received via email. Our Archiving feature stores all your emails in a secure, easily searchable database.

Easy to Deply, Easy to Access

When you need relief from a pending lawsuit, archiving can rescue your business. It allows you to quickly search your emails to find messages vital to your case, saving you time and legal costs.

Protect Your IP and Maintain Employee Continuity

When employees leave your company, that shouldn’t mean a disruption in business continuity or a loss of intellectual property. Rackspace email archiving allows you to maintain access to all emails from departed employees, even in the event of malicious deletion of messages from the inbox.

$4.99/mo per user | Unlimited Storage