Even small amounts of downtime can cause serious financial stress to any company, so having a professional Backup & Disaster Recovery plan is crucial. Armour Cloud Backup ensures all your files and data remain protected and available, allowing your business to recover quickly from system failure or file loss.

From the US Department of Homeland Security, the #1 recommendation for defense against ransomware attacks on businesses is the implementation of backup and disaster recovery solutions.

by Andy Ozment – Homeland Security – https://www.dhs.gov/blog/2016/04/06/protect-your-data-against-ransomware

All files are securely backed up and stored in our local private cloud. This allows Armour Cloud to maintain complete regulation and security over your data, and allows immediately access in case of a disaster.

Why Armour Cloud Offsite Backup Solution

  • It’s Affordable, Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Immediate Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Set It and Forget It
  • Fully Customized Strategies

What happens if disaster strikes?

When your company uses Cloud Backup, your data becomes hyper-available. Your backups are accessible whenever & wherever, allowing your data to be restored quickly so your business stays operational.

In the event of a disaster which causes the loss of your on-prem hardware, your data will be securely accessible via your own private server in our private cloud environment, allowing you to securely access your backed up data, avoiding downtime and quickly resuming normal operation.

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