Notorious Ragnarok Ransomware Gang Shuts Down

The group negated to mention the reason behind their shut down. This ‘self-destruction’ approach appears to be gaining momentum, as international agencies and nation-state governments pressure hackers to end activities. See Cyber Talk’s coverage of the mysterious REvil disappearance.

However, experts also point out that cyber criminals, and ransomware gangs in particular, do not necessarily disappear in entirety. An increasingly common approach is for cyber criminal gangs to ‘fake their own deaths’ and to then rebrand activities under another moniker.

28,000 GoDaddy Hosting Accounts Compromised

On May 4, 2020, GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest website hosting providers, disclosed that the SSH credentials of approximately 28,000 GoDaddy hosting accounts were compromised by an unauthorized attacker. This is why it’s important to not only secure the front end of your website but the hosted service itself. Armour Cloud provides Enterprise Grade Web Hosting Security to protect your website day in and day out.

Run your business or Managed IT?

Taking control of all aspects of your business likely got you to where you are today. Letting go isn’t easy. We get it.
But a time will come when managing your IT infrastructure by yourself can become a threat to your business.
Let Armour Cloud handle the distractions while you focus on running your business.

iOS Exploits in the Wild

In the last couple of days, researchers at Project Zero discovered iOS exploits that were used to spy and steal data from iPhone and iPad users. The fix for the vulnerable versions of iOS was released in February of this year, as part of iOS 12.1.4.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7. What that means for you.

In just a few months Microsoft will end extended support for Windows 7. If your organization is still using this as its main operating system, it’s time to start preparing to migrate. Windows 7 End of Life means no more security or operating system updates from Microsoft, leaving an opening for hackers. Armour Cloud would like to help your organization avoid these security vulnerabilities by helping you to successfully migrate to Windows 10.

Know the TRUE cost of ransomware

When it comes to ransomware, downtime cuts the deepest. Managed service providers estimate the average cost of downtime and recovery for small businesses after an attack is more than 10X the average ransom requested. Don’t lose money to crippling downtime. Contact Armour Cloud to see what we can do for you!

Exposed RDP servers see 150K brute-force attempts per week: Here’s how to protect them

Armour Cloud protect’s your server from brute-force attempts among may other threats to your business. Contact us to see how we can help you! Tech Republic posted on September 28th, 2019.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7. We can help you migrate.

Have you heard Microsoft will end extended support for Windows 7 in January 2020?

Armour Cloud would like to help you plan, prepare and successfully execute the migration of your technology assets to Windows 10.